Setup Homebrew and RVM on Mac OSX 10.11 EI Capitan

Posted on  10/5/2015
Upgraded to latest MacOSX 10.11 EI Capitan , Then you Might Know about OSX’s new  System Integrity Protection ( SIP ) feature , Now you or any app can’t modify the /System or /usr or any other system…Read more

Monitor Linux Server Performance Using Vector

Posted on  10/1/2015
Vector is on host performance Monitoring tool from Netflix , you can use vector to monitor server performance right from your browser . now it’s not very stable but it works most of the time ( at lea…Read more

Upgrade From SPDY To HTTP2

Posted on  9/28/2015
If you are using nginx as your main web server with SPDY protocol , Then its time to upgrade to HTTP2 ( not fully but partially without Server Push feature ) . Few Days ago nginx team announced about…Read more

SSH Configuration tweaks to make your life simple

Posted on  8/24/2015
If you use ssh a lot and do login daily in many servers or virtual machines , with different usernames and different passwords , then let me show you easy way of doing that using ssh configuration fi…Read more

Kali Linux 2.0 sana Is released with new UI and updated tools

Posted on  8/11/2015
Kali Linux is Debian based well-known penetration testing distribution , loaded with tons of most popular tools for penetration testing and digital forensics . Today kali linux development team relea…Read more

How to setup juju manual environment

Posted on  8/9/2015
Juju Quick introduction Juju is a open source, solution-driven orchestration tool from Ubuntu , juju help to model and deploy, maintain and scale various services to cloud or bare metal servers easil…Read more

windows 10 privacy tweaks to save your WiFi and bandwidth

Posted on  7/31/2015
If you’ve recently upgraded to windows 10 , then re-adjust your WiFi and update settings to save your bandwidth , as you might have heard about windows 10 update process its use p2p(peer to peer ) to…Read more

How to Download Windows 10 ISO for offline clean Install

Posted on  7/29/2015
ISO If you are on windows host , then download ” windows media creation tool ” and choose “Create installation media for another PC ” Then choose language and architecture then select ISO , choose sa…Read more

How to Setup Python Virtual Environment In Ubuntu

Posted on  7/26/2015
Setup Now Install After Install You can use to setup virtual environment then activate the virtual environment Before using virtualenv freeze pip and pipe that to requirements.txt file then after a…Read more

Root Mac OS X yosemite with Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Posted on  7/25/2015
New Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Mac OSX yosemite Discovered by sektioneins reseasrchers , that allow an attacker to gain full root privileges . Security researcher Stefan Esser posted…Read more

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