How to Reinstall Ubuntu without losing data

Posted on  7/21/2015

Sometimes reinstalling Ubuntu is way to go for fixing some graphics or other system related software problems for example after upgrade or graphics driver messed up , just do a reinstall it will be fixed . Re-installation process is easy let just follow these simple instructions to Reinstall Ubuntu without any losing data

Reinstalling won’t overwrite your settings , but still you have to reinstall any downloaded apps .


Warning : Before doing anything please take backup of data into external hard drive or any external storage  .



  • Live USB
  • 20-40 Minutes time

That’s all you are going to need during this process .


  • Insert Live CD/USB and run the Ubuntu installer
  • Choose language and click next
  • On ” Installation Type ” window Choose Re-Install Ubuntu


  • Choose “Install Now “



to avoid any kind of conflict , it’s just convention over configuration 🙂 ,
It will take some time ( 20-25 minutes ) depending on your system and home directory size etc . wait until it finish installing then click reboot .

After Re-installation you will see that , all downloaded application are gone , you have to install them manually again , re-installation process will install some previously installed programmes . But after installing google chrome or sublime text you will see that all the bookmarks and sublime plugins are there , it will save a lot of time to configure them again & again .



Alternative ( Do it at your own Risk )

  1. Boot using live bootable usb
  2. take backup or your data ( just in case if something goes wrong )
  3. first try to re-install Ubuntu
  4. if re-installation doesn’t work
  5. delete all directories from ubuntu root except /etc/ and /home/ then install ubuntu
  6. While entering username and password enter username and password same as old ones
  7. reboot and see if it works
  8. If 5 steps doesn’t work then re-install completely and restore from backup


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