How to Reinstall Ubuntu without losing data

Posted on  7/21/2015
Sometimes reinstalling Ubuntu is way to go for fixing some graphics or other system related software problems for example after upgrade or graphics driver messed up , just do a reinstall it will be f…Read more

How to re-install xorg xserver completely in ubuntu

Posted on  7/20/2015
After Messing up with ATI or NVIDIA graphics drivers , if you want to switch back to Xorg’s default configuration then follow this simple guide to completely reinstall and reconfigure xorg server in …Read more

how to solve ubuntu login loop [Quick tip]

Posted on  7/18/2015
Stucked in your desktop/laptop ubuntu’s login screen means , you enter your password then screen goes black then login screen appears again and again in loop , here are three easy troubleshooting met…Read more

VirtualBox 5.0 is released and available for download

Posted on  7/9/2015
Oracle VirtualBox is a well known free and open source, cross-platform virtualization software , Today Oracle announced release of virtualbox 5.0 , with new features like Paravirtualization support a…Read more

Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” Cinnamon Released

Posted on  7/1/2015
Yesterday Linux mint development team announced release of Linux mint 17.2 “Rafaela” Cinnamon which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 . It’s available for download or upgrade . Linux Mint 17.2 is a long-term …Read more

How to setup Utorrent In Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian

Posted on  6/16/2015
We all know about utorrent , its lightweght torrent downloader , utorrent is available as native app for windows , mac and android as well but not for Linux . There are many other option are availabl…Read more

Getting Started With Nano Editor [ Quick Guide ]

Posted on  5/18/2015
Nano is one of the simplest and easy to learn text-editors out there , if you are new in system administration or just editing normal config files its become very handy to use nano . Installation Nan…Read more

How To Manage Services With SystemD [ Quick Guide ]

Posted on  5/15/2015
What is SystemD Systemd is a system and service manager for Linux , Compatible with SysV and LSB scripts , systemd uses socket and Dbus for activating and deactivation of services . systemd provides …Read more

Update your hypervisor before get bitten by venom

Posted on  5/13/2015
Security Researchers at CrowdStrike Discovered vulnerability in virtual floppy drive used by many virtualization platform like KVM and QEMU . flaw is presented since first ever code implemented for v…Read more

Debian 8 Jessie released available for download

Posted on  4/26/2015
Whats new Linux 3.16.7-ctk9 Apache 2.4.10 Asterisk 11.13.1 GIMP 2.8.14 GNOME desktop environment 3.14 GNU Compiler Collection 4.9.2 KDE Plasma Workspaces and KDE Applications 4.11.13 LibreOffice 4.3.…Read more

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