Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Is Released Available for download

Posted on  4/23/2015
As Scheduled Today canonical released Ubuntu 15.04 code-name Vivid Vervet , Now its available for download or upgrade . Some application is now polished , unity is updated but overall It’s just polis…Read more

Remote Control Mac From Ubuntu and Windows [ How To ]

Posted on  3/26/2015
Steps ssh into mac enable screen sharing using ( for all users ) 3 . If you are on ubuntu then open connect using protocol * vnc virtual network computing * fill and set to save and connect 4 . …Read more

Virtual Machine Manager GUI for LXC and KVM

Posted on  3/22/2015
virtual machine manager is great gui tool for managing kvm virtual machines and lxc container , in this post I am going to show you how you can install and use this tool to easily manage virtual mach…Read more

How to get info About PCI devices in Linux [ Quick Tip ]

Posted on  3/10/2015
PCI is a connection bus for connecting or attaching hardware devices to pc , PCI stand for Peripheral Component Interconnect . some devices directly attached to motherboard some devices get attached …Read more

How to Install latest GOLANG in ubuntu [ Quick Tip ]

Posted on  3/6/2015
Ubuntu repositories doesn’t contains latest golang builds and I was unable to find any good PPA with latest golang So I’m Writing this Quick tutorial about how to install , latest go language compile…Read more

Microsoft Fixed Bug In Windows Kernel Mode Driver

Posted on  2/11/2015
According to researchers post , the vulnerability exists in Microsoft Windows Kernel, in the Win32k.sys module , with local access an attacker can exploit this privilege acceleration vulnerability to…Read more

How To Install OwnCloud 8 Server In Ubuntu

Posted on  2/10/2015
OwnCloud is well-known and very popular free and open source self hosted file sync and sharing application, which offer great security and alternative of many paid services . you can store sync and a…Read more

How To Filter Porn Sites Using Various Methods

Posted on  2/3/2015
Kids in home always try to search and explore about many good and bad things , whatever they hear or think about , for eg porn and drugs etc. In this post we will look at options for filtering all th…Read more

Test and fix glibc GHOST vulnerability in Linux Server

Posted on  1/29/2015
Recently critical security vulnerability has been discovered in glibc library , CVE ID: CVE-2015-0235 , according redhat security advisory ” gethostbyname function can be exploited by using crafted h…Read more

Record android screen using android SDK and ADB

Posted on  1/27/2015
There are many ways to record android screen , there are many applications those are capable of doing that but some of them requires root access . In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can …Read more

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