Test and fix glibc GHOST vulnerability in Linux Server

Posted on  1/29/2015

Recently critical security vulnerability has been discovered in glibc library , CVE ID: CVE-2015-0235 , according redhat security advisory ” gethostbyname function can be exploited by using crafted hostname which will lead to buffer overflow .
this vulnerability in glibc library allow attackers to execute remote arbitrary codes in any affected system , gethostbyname function can be exploited by using crafted hostname which will lead to buffer overflow .

first vulnerable version of the GNU C Library is glibc-2.2

Test Your Server

snippet from :

#include <netdb.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>

#define CANARY "in_the_coal_mine"

struct {
  char buffer[1024];
  char canary[sizeof(CANARY)];
} temp = { "buffer", CANARY };

int main(void) {
  struct hostent resbuf;
  struct hostent *result;
  int herrno;
  int retval;

  /*** strlen (name) = size_needed - sizeof (*host_addr) - sizeof (*h_addr_ptrs) - 1; ***/
  size_t len = sizeof(temp.buffer) - 16*sizeof(unsigned char) - 2*sizeof(char *) - 1;
  char name[sizeof(temp.buffer)];
  memset(name, '0', len);
  name[len] = '';

  retval = gethostbyname_r(name, &resbuf, temp.buffer, sizeof(temp.buffer), &result, &herrno);

  if (strcmp(temp.canary, CANARY) != 0) {
  if (retval == ERANGE) {
    puts("not vulnerable");
  puts("should not happen");

Compile This and run

$ gcc -o ghost ghost.c 

Sample Output

glibc buffeoverflow
glibc buffeoverflow

List of affected Linux Distros ( credits : )

  • RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) version 5.x, 6.x and 7.x
  • CentOS Linux version 5.x, 6.x & 7.x
  • Ubuntu Linux version 10.04, 12.04 LTS
  • Debian Linux version 7.x
  • Linux Mint version 13.0
  • Fedora Linux version 19 or older
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and older (also OpenSuse Linux 11 or older versions).
  • Arch Linux glibc version < = 2.18-1


mostly all vendors are rolling out fixed version of glibc , just update and upgrade your distro

for debian based users

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then REBOOT ( to make sure all running instances take effect )

sudo reboot

for redhat

sudo yum update 
sudo reboot

after that verify installed version of glibc

dpkg -s libc6

sample output

Package: libc6
Status: install ok installed
Priority: required
Section: libs
Installed-Size: 10497
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <[email protected]>
Architecture: amd64
Multi-Arch: same
Source: eglibc
Version: 2.19-0ubuntu6.3
Replaces: libc6-amd64
Provides: glibc-2.19-1
Depends: libgcc1
Suggests: glibc-doc, debconf | debconf-2.0, locales
Breaks: hurd (<< 1:0.5.git20140203-1), lsb-core (<= 3.2-27), nscd (<< 2.19)
Conflicts: prelink (<= 0.0.20090311-1), tzdata (<< 2007k-1), tzdata-etch
 /etc/ 593ad12389ab2b6f952e7ede67b8fbbf
Description: Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries
 Contains the standard libraries that are used by nearly all programs on
 the system. This package includes shared versions of the standard C library
 and the standard math library, as well as many others.
Original-Maintainer: GNU Libc Maintainers <[email protected]>

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.29.50 am
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.29.50 am

Redhat Advisory :
Detailed vulnerability Info :

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