Windows 10 Technical Preview available for download

Posted on  1/24/2015
Its not even complete 3 days since the Windows 10 event where new features of the next generation Microsoft Windows was revealed and also declared that the new Windows will be free for existing Windo…Read more

DropBox on Windows Phone and Tablets

Posted on  1/24/2015
For all the Windows Phone users and Windows Tablet users who were waiting eagerly for an official app of DropBox in their devices, the wait is over and finally the app is available in the Windows Pho…Read more

Scanning Target Hosts with unicorn scan

Posted on  1/3/2015
Scanning a hosts most of the time multiple hosts for open ports and services discovery is one of first thing most of the penetration testers do , so in this post I am going to show you how to use uni…Read more

Now analyze disk space and find duplicates with CCleaner

Posted on  12/30/2014
Our favorite cleaning app for windows and mac , CCleaner is just got better with new update version 5.1 , Now You can analyze you disk and find duplicates . And yes if you are testing windows 10 Tech…Read more

Setting Cinnamon desktop on Fedora 21

Posted on  12/13/2014
Quick and easy way to install cinnamon desktop environment on fedora 21 , I like Gnome but I like cinnamon lot more , so I switched to cinnamon on my brand new installation of Fedora 21 which is rele…Read more

Fedora 21 Released Best Ever Fedora Yet

Posted on  12/12/2014
Fedora Project announced release of Fedora 21 , Yesterday according to fedora project blog post this is going to be a game changer . fedora 21 comes with 3 flavors for your desktop/laptop : Workstati…Read more

How to Setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu/Dabian [Quick Tip]

Posted on  12/10/2014
Today , I am going to show you how to Install and setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu/Dabian , and In future Post I will show you how you can use PostgreSQL with Ruby On Rails App . First Introduction and the…Read more

Dockerizing simple Sinatra app using docker and fig

Posted on  12/8/2014
Docker is new hotness in market , docker use kernel level namespace’s and cgroups to create isolated container environment . according to Wikipedia .   Docker is an open-source project that automates…Read more

How to setup Ruby On Rails Development Environment In Linux Mint

Posted on  12/2/2014
Lets see how to install Ruby On Rails On Linux mint and completely setting up development environment from editor to databases . for newbies ruby on rails is web framework written in Ruby language , …Read more

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Released and available for Download

Posted on  11/29/2014
Good News for Linux mint fans ( I am one of them ) , Linux Mint development team released Linux mint 17 Codename ” Rebecca” , this is LTS ( Long Term Support ) release of Linux mint and it will be su…Read more

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