Canonical Releases Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus

Posted on  4/22/2016

Canonical, company behind Ubuntu Linux, releases Ubuntu 16.05 LTS code-name Xenial Xerus today as it was scheduled . This release is LTS ( long term support ) , it will get support for next five years , from software updates to critical security patches .


xenial Default wallpaper
xenial Default wallpaper
xenial Default wallpaper


Whats New / Updated

  • Snap
  • Lxd
  • LXC 2.0
  • Zfs and CephFS
  • Fglrx is deprecated
  • Firefox 45
  • Thunderbird 38
  • Chromium 48
  • LibreOffice 5.1
  • Nautilus (aka ‘Files’) 3.14.2
  • Unity 7.4


New Application format , can be installed alongside with traditional deb packages . Snap brings more robust updates and more isolation . New tools, snapcraft will allow developers to convert or build new ubuntu packages. Snap applications will be isolated from rest of the systems.



ZFS is a combined file system (Like NTFS and  ext4 )  and logical volume manager ( Like LVM ) designed by Sun Microsystems. zfs is now officially supported by canonical . you can setup and install open zfs in ubuntu . See more about ZFS and LXD both working together : see canonical blog post . 

Some awesome features of ZFS

  • snapshots
  • copy-on-write cloning
  • continuous integrity checking against data corruption
  • automatic repair
  • efficient data compression


Ubuntu ZFS Reference Guide :



LXD ( pronounced “lex‐dee” ) is container engine from canonical , LXD perovide REST API for LXC containers.   technically LXD and Docker share some underlying kernel capabilities , now even with Ubuntu 16.04, you can run your Docker containers inside LXD containers.

LXD is the next‐generation of container hypervisor for Linux


read more about lxd :

get started guide :

Unity Shell Changes


  • Improved launcher integration
  • Support for formatting removable devices from quicklist
  • Improved support for gtk applications using headerbars
  • Activate app spread by Super+Ctrl+W
  • Improvements to GNOME key grabbing
  • New dash overlay scrollbars
  • Better Dash theming support
  • Support for scaling cursors in HiDPI environments
  • Show icons launching state in launcher when apps launched elsewhere
  • Launcher can be moved to the bottom
  • sessions management from dash ( like logout reboot etc )



Other Minor Changes

  • online search in dash is off by default
  • All default applications and libraries ported to use WebKit 2
  • gnome calender is installed by default

sessions shortcuts
sessions shortcuts
sessions shortcuts


gnome calender
gnome calender
gnome calender



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